Monday, March 21, 2016


Feeling I got during Holi event after I switched my flag allegiances .

Based on 'What a wonderful world' by Louis Armstrong

I got drenched green, orange color
I saw the flag I belonged
And I thought to myself what did I do.

The girls danced to tune, boys had no clue
Grey skies turned blue and I bleed too
And I thought to myself what did I do.

Rainbow city turned true, faces of people smiled too
Kids jumping and colors too
They're really saying red white and blue.

I hear my daughter calling, I watch her glow
she will see much more than I'll never know
And I thought to myself this is what I need do.
Red white and blue, has green and orange too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Talking about originality, howz this ? If you try to read the word in Kannada (a south Indian language i speak) it would sound like this ... Ori (nothing in Kannada but lets say it means one)-gin(alcohol)- nali (inside)- ty (tea... drink). Yeah, originality is like a gin soaked tea, most of the times its bad like the pj i made above, different and always has a refreshing kick. After recent desi debacle (kavya vishwanathan) in field of writing, though i don't blame her, she was the fall guy in her publishing company's easy route. Anyways considering what bollywood does, i would say kavya got a raw deal, i guess stakes are much higher in writing world.

Before I go bollywood bashing, there are 2 kinds of critiques, one who criticizes cos he/she loves that something and other who criticizes to feel superior, i am the former one.

So back to bollywood and originality, i was wondering what originality would do for our film industry. First we must understand that there are only few topics in each aspect of life and almost everything is covered, so we will always feel that a story is repeat/similar to something already out there. However what bollywood does is pick a movie/story from west, add some unnecessary villains & twists, sprinkle some monotonous comics and finish off with an unexpected but predictable happy ending.

I decided to pick the current favorite bollywood topic which is infidelity esp the girl being the bad one and thought of some novel stories (with lots of killing ofcourse) to go with it in the usual film genres. Some of them might already exist if not i claim the rights !

Original : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer, killer falls in love with wife, wife kills the killer. variations after this include wife going to jail with husband smirking at his success and wife getting back to husband to live happily ever after.

My concoctions

Thriller : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer, husband realizes his folly, killer refuses to step back (psycho), husband tries to save wife from the killer, after some violet and daring misses from both sides, husband finally kills the killer.

Comedy : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer,wife responds in kind, killers fall in love and try to unite the estranged couple.

Action : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer, wife escapes, after an all India car chase, wife kills the husband and gets killed by killer.

Drama : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer, wife gets disabled not killed, goes thru the grind to get better and becomes famous, gets killed by her former husband.

Suspense : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer, killer falls for the wife, gets killed, suspense (who killed the killer)ends when u realize wife is a lesb whose partner is a bi who is jealous of killer guy falling in love with wife. The threesome that wouldn't happen ...

Science Fiction : Wife cheats on husband, husband buys a look-alike android, wife realizes folly gets back to the husband but husband won't give up android and cheats on wife. Finally husband and wife are back together, Android malfunctions kills them both.

horror : Wife cheats on husband, husband hires a killer, wife is unhurt, killer dies. husband realizes she is unnatural, guy who wife cheated with turns out to be ghost's boyfriend, husband kills him and sets the 2 ghosts free and finally husband and wife are back together.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lost amazon tribe

Writing blog after a long time... lost lot of interesting topics, procrastination is a dangerous illness, hopefully cured...

This is one writing for which I might get beaten up by women in my family. Point is why are men ruling the world. For sake of my argument, I have to trivialize this topic unfortunately. I am a great supporter of equality & my support ends at equality. Well without balance, you just slide down, that said I started to wonder with billions of people on this planet why do men rule the most. We have heard few things here and there like the Amazon girls, few politicians who made it big & goddesses ofcourse but why not women. So trying decipher this mystery analytically, i can think off 2 answers one being women never ruled the planet, if true then solves the Q. Second answer is women did rule sometime ago & lost their seat of power. If this is true then it has to be analyzed more carefully. It reminds me of a really funny joke... Once a guy went out and came back next day and his wife asked him what he did. His reply was overnite party at his friend's place. She called up 10 of his best friends, 7 replied he did and 3 infact claimed he was still there. Well later on, wife went out and came back next day and had the same answer. Husband promptly called 10 of her best friends, 7 replied negative and 3 infact gossiped about her.

Sometimes stereotyping does give answers and that is what the joke above is all about. Humans tend to flourish in hierarchical societies and men are great at this, women flourish either as king makers or loyal subjects ... seldom kings. If you consider a company, men are like CEO to workers and women are like board of directors, the difference is immediate. Its hard to rule when u see someone as equal or lessor. Anyway my point is, to rule start by electing a ruler and trust the ruler to do the same.

Toughest part of bungee is not the free fall but leap of faith...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chaos theory & relationships

Chaos theory can be summed up in 2 words "random predictability". Relationships are pretty much like that. Time and again we hear about how unpredictable relationships are and how hard it is to understand but if we think about it then its not that hard at all. Lets say your relationship is a journey from point A to B where A is good and B is better. Well if someone says I am already in a good relationship and don't need to go anywhere then remember there always a gravitation pull and you will spiral in and crash. So back to travel from A to B, now if you want to reach B but you are
doing everything to reach Z then there is no way you will reach B. No point in blaming randomness for the failure. Rules play an important role in this theory and every time u bend/break a rule, u are taking u r self further from your destination. I am not saying we should always follow the rules and stick to path but we should realize that relationships are predictable if you stop and think what you are doing. Oh well, chaos is lot more fun, who wants predictability in life anyways...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bollywood's hollywood paheli

I was reading an article in some newspaper that talked about paheli(riddle), the movie nominated by india for oscars. It was being screened for people who vote for oscars and paper said the judges started walking out during half time/intermission. One of the judges even quoted "We have hundreds of films to review & can't waste 3 hrs on a movie where there is no continuity and songs pop out of the blue". Made me wonder why in the first place do we even send movies for oscar award. Bollywood movies will win oscar award only if there is a special category just for them, not because they are bad... they are just different. So I repeat we should stop oscar craze, we have plenty of our own.

Well I am not a bollywood fanatic but after watching more bollywood movies in the past few weeks than my entire life, I have realized the difference between our movies & hollywood. It can be explained in terms of cooking. No kidding, consider cooking... whether its western food or indian or any other style, same ingredients like veggies or meat or sea food but cooking style is different. The best and worst part is ... take any dish from any country turn it into an indianized version by throwing in some "masala" at the end and thats how indian movies are made nowadays. There are always gems like tikka masala or pongal or bisibelebath but most of them are ready made garden variety masala stir fry.

Using my experience in past couple of weeks, I realized how to solve bollywood movies. They are just like GRE exams which has different parts like math skills, verbal & analytical and have no relation to each other but sum of it tells whether you are a better person or not. Same way indian movies have story, songs & masala characters with no relation to each other but together make a super duper hit bollywood movie. So you MPAA members pass the individual tests and then you will see the "whole" picture.

Anyways back to my original thought, do we really need to participate in oscars ? This is one riddle thats better not solved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just another acquired taste

Well i am back to business after my short trip to mexico & brief fight with flu, so I figured I should write something valentinish today. So here it goes....

There are certain things that you like at the first instance then there are some which take a while to rub on you. I am no expert in relationships but i believe its instant likings and acquired tastes here too. People always believe in "Love at first sight" tats just like an instant liking usually associated with wild cravings that you get. Sounds good but for a relationship to last long what you need is not an instant liking but "Love at first fight", something like an acquired taste. Seriously think about it, if you like something instantly and you over do it then you get tired of it soon, on the other hand take any acquired taste, you never fall out of love with it by over doing it, infact there is no overdoing, you just get addicted to it and also helps you get thru those ... important moments. So here is one addiction you can have for life !

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top 10 reasons to be an average

Ever felt sorry for being an average ? I think being an average is good whether its intellectual wise or financial wise or beauty wise or any other reason and here is why its good to be an average.

10. Cos u r in the majority group.
9. Cos u have a good chance to become a President of a country.
8. Cos while speeding, the driver of the middle car seldom gets a ticket.
7. Cos world's largest company (walmart) markets products for you.
6. Cos as an inventor you have to think for u r self & works for almost everyone.
5. Cos u r sex life is consistent.
4. Cos u have to be a perfect average (physically) person to be beautiful.
3. Cos by definition u r normal.
2. Cos u r right between heaven & hell.

And the number one reason to be an average is ...

1. Cos you are not bad at all...